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Health Problems Affecting Male  Cats (Tomcats) - Besides the range of conditions and afflictions that affect all cats, male cats, often called a tomcats high sexual drive can be the cause of several specific problems.

A tom may be sexually mature from six months old, and this activity can last throughout the year. As a result, he may be very restless and want to be let out constantly, often scratching at doors to be let out. When let out, he may not be seen for a number of nights. He may also become very aggressive, not only to other cats but also to humans.

Many cat owners decide to neuter their tomcats, which often reduces many of the health conditions and problems associated with male cats.

This section of our website considers some of the more common conditions that can affect male catís including aggressive behaviour, anal tumours, bladder stones, prostate problems, sexual behaviour and testicular cancer.

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